For over year I have run a Pi 3 SSD system and have been fairly pleased with the performance. I frequently use this as a semi-portable desktop system and so long as I do not do anything too taxing, it always performed well. With the release of Pi 4, thisContinue Reading

Server Rack - full view

Also known as where all my time and money goes… I bought my first personal computer when I was 13, if memory serves, after mowing a significant number of lawns; A Tandy Color Computer 2, TRS-80 – I am surprised I remember any of those details. Pretty much ever sinceContinue Reading

Quotes I Like

Each morning at my present company, we have a practice of ending our daily meeting with a quote. These are typically business or leadership related but not always. Sometimes we mix it up a bit to keep things interesting or just to open up the floor to other offerings. IContinue Reading