10 Things

I have kept some version of this “10 things” poster in my office for many years. Overall, I feel that it represents qualities of a good employee and a strong leader. Each point seems simple enough and I sometimes re-read them to evaluate my own actions and behaviors as aContinue Reading

DIN rail with Pi close up

This is not necessarily an exciting write-up. My main purpose is to show how easy this is and offer it as an alternative to typical cases and power supplies. Earlier in A cluster of Pi’s, I referenced DIN mounting for the Pi. DIN rails along with the POE hat wouldContinue Reading

I could be a writer

Backstory A decade or so ago I found myself with too much free time… There were so many zombie-related movies and shows popping up everywhere. A few were extremely painful to watch. How many times have you thought, “I’ll never get that 90 minutes back”. Knowing that may of theseContinue Reading