Let me prelude this post with a massive thank you to my wife for letting me bury myself into this project. As much as I get annoyed at times, building/making is actually a huge stress reliever for me. I have already referenced to this project here and here and amContinue Reading

This is another post to build up to my current project of building an InMoov robot. I started my 3D Printing hobby about 5 years ago and have since only dove deeper into the pit. I now own 3 – 3D Printers and am considering a 4th (or 5th) toContinue Reading

Who doesn’t like robots? This post is really a prelude to my current, much larger project of which a teaser is at the bottom. Growing up in the late 70’s and 80’s, robots were a common topic. New broadcasts spoke of them in industrial settings, schools mentioned them in scienceContinue Reading