Original credit and KUDOS to Hackermagnet at https://hackermagnet.com/night-vision-on-esp32-cam/ for the original STLs and working this out in the first place. He (hope I am using the correct pronoun) has some cool projects so be sure to check out the website. ESP projects are fascinating to me and can usually beContinue Reading

Just a little update post. I have quite a bit of time on Discord lately as I have worked on InMoov and other robotic projects. There are many super helpful folks there (including Gael) that have helped me out. Now Discord isn’t new by any means and I figure manyContinue Reading

Airbrush Booth Complete

Setting the stage This Smart Airbrush Booth post stems from building my InMoov robot, Bob. When I decided to build Bob, I chose the color that I imagined I wanted him to be or as close as I could get to it. Throughout the printing process I experienced countless surfaceContinue Reading