AMSOIL- Why I started a business

Amsoil Ride Hard Run Cool

It all started one afternoon in 2010 when I came home from work and my wife told me to get into the car and go to sleep. What? She said she had a surprise for me and it was going to be a long drive. Many hours later we pull up to my brothers house in another state. I am all good for a surprise but I was tired and cranky and wanted answers. My wife, the wonderful woman she is, proceeded to tell me that she had worked with my brother regarding some of the details and bought me a motorcycle. WOW

By this time in my life I had owned 4 or 5 motorcycles, mostly cruisers, but had gone probably 5 years without. Work, family, money, you know the story. This was a major surprise and man was I excited. After a couple of days of hard riding with my brother and then back home, it was time to really get to know the motorcycle and come up with a plan to make it last.

Of course I looked at lots of accessories but I knew I wanted the bike to last a long time and provide me years of happiness. I started looking at the blood of my bike, the oil. I compared white papers, studied research, and read hundreds of blogs, newsgroups, and fan pages. Based on all that effort, I chose AMSOIL to perform my first oil change. I immediately noticed a difference – actually I heard a difference. My bike sounded cleaner, quieter and just plain better. I then took it for a short ride and felt a difference; No clunkiness and super responsive. Maybe it was some mind trick but I was sold. AMSOIL would be my oil for life.

I wanted to learn more about AMSOIL and the options they provided. I quickly became a Preferred Customer since I was going to be purchasing for our two other cages (car and truck). This would allow me to take advantage of better pricing and deals. This did not last long however because as I shared my experience with others and answered questions about AMSOIL, I decided it was time to become an Authorized Dealer. But why stop there? Why not go full blown and start a business?

AMSOIL is the heart of my company but I have explored other products as offerings… Original Bike Spirits, NGK, and K&N to name a few.

Oh, if you were curious, the bike is a 2003 VTX1800c. I have since added a full fairing with stereo, large hardshell bags, and custom seats from Ultimate.

Back in 2011
With Fairing
My wonderful wife, Ultimate seats and big bags.

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