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This will not a long post. I have used about 25 rolls of filament in the last few months. Most of this use was in printing my InMoov robot but there have been a few other items produced as well. I have used both PLA and PETG in 6 or 7 colors across 4 printers. Of the 4 brands I had on hand, only SUNLU performed well each time.

As a result of SUNLU’s successful performance, I have become an affiliate for SUNLU and wanted to let my viewers know. Please visit SUNLU.COM and enjoy a 10% discount!

I will also be adding additional links on my e-commerce site at:

I am sure there are plenty of people that trust their filament brand(s) and I have nothing but respect for you. For me, I need something dependable, regardless of the machine, with consistent output and quality and I believe I have found it. YMMV.

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