It has been a long while since my last post. I’ve worked on quite a few projects and thought “I should post about that” but then never seem to make it to that part. So I guess I will just give some brief overviews and then if anyone wants moreContinue Reading

Server Rack - full view

Also known as where all my time and money goes… I bought my first personal computer when I was 13, if memory serves, after mowing a significant number of lawns; A Tandy Color Computer 2, TRS-80 – I am surprised I remember any of those details. Pretty much ever sinceContinue Reading

I had spent the better part of Saturday afternoon creating both a WordPress site and a DokuWiki site. Not really sure of my long-term plans for either but I had decided to make the WordPress public facing on Sunday. That’s about where the fun started. Immediately there where SSL issues…Continue Reading