WordPress fun

I had spent the better part of Saturday afternoon creating both a WordPress site and a DokuWiki site. Not really sure of my long-term plans for either but I had decided to make the WordPress public facing on Sunday. That’s about where the fun started. Immediately there where SSL issues… then it wouldn’t load locally… then I locked myself out entirely ☺

Thankfully I found a Turnkey LXC for ProxMox. SO MUCH EASIER – at least so far. My first attempt with such a container was a few months back with an email server and it was a 2-day nightmare. Not that it was probably anything to do with the container itself but since I learn by doing, generally speaking, I did not learn anything during the install and had issues trying to configure. I later went a completely manual route which was somewhat painful in it’s own sense but now I know more about email server configuration than I will probably ever need.

Give it a go:

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