MagicMirror front

A Magic Mirror has been one of those projects I always wanted to build but I couldn’t justify the expense to myself. In a recent issue of The MagPi (Issue 90, Feb 2020), they outline a small-scale, simple magic mirror project that can be built relatively inexpensively. Supplies needed RibbaContinue Reading

DIN rail with Pi close up

This is not necessarily an exciting write-up. My main purpose is to show how easy this is and offer it as an alternative to typical cases and power supplies. Earlier in A cluster of Pi’s, I referenced DIN mounting for the Pi. DIN rails along with the POE hat wouldContinue Reading

Magi logo

I finally found a coin to mine on the Raspberry Pi I’ve been mining Monero for the last year or so using extra CPU power from my servers or other computers I had lying around. These efforts by no means make any monetary difference but since I did not investContinue Reading