DIN rail with Pi close up

This is not necessarily an exciting write-up. My main purpose is to show how easy this is and offer it as an alternative to typical cases and power supplies. Earlier in A cluster of Pi’s, I referenced DIN mounting for the Pi. DIN rails along with the POE hat wouldContinue Reading


Please see disclaimer First let me acknowledge… What I built is technically a cluster of Pi’s, but it is not a cluster system – yet. When the Raspberry Pi 4 was introduced, I spent many hours researching what I could do with it. Clustering was among the top results butContinue Reading

Server Rack - full view

Also known as where all my time and money goes… I bought my first personal computer when I was 13, if memory serves, after mowing a significant number of lawns; A Tandy Color Computer 2, TRS-80 – I am surprised I remember any of those details. Pretty much ever sinceContinue Reading