Raspberry Pi 4

I was very excited to come back from my trip to Maine and see my new Raspberry Pi 4 had arrived. It was a day before I was able to ‘play’ with it and unfortunately my excitement was short lived. I had planned to replace a Pi 3B+ setup I use as a mini desktop but the Pi 4 does not currently support boot from USB. That said, I did install the included NOOBS version of Raspbian and get it up and running. I used it for about an hour and was pleasantly surprised with the responsiveness of the Pi 4. I have read multiple articles and reviews about the potential for overheating so I added a fan from the get go. No signs of temperature throttling for my typical use which is all that really matters to me. I will revisit the Pi 4 once true USB boot functionality is added before proceeding with replacing my Pi 3B+.



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